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Apostle Dr. Theresa Ann Buckner

the Founder/ Visionary/Apostle of
Divinely Inspired Ministry International

Apostle Dr. Theresa Ann Buckner currently serves as the Founder/ Visionary/Apostle of Divinely Inspired Ministry International, Divinely Inspired Ministry International Fellowship, Founder/Visionary/Apostle of Dr. Theresa Buckner Ministries, Apostle of Destiny Praise Outreach Church (Mango Town Liberia), Apostle of Destiny Praise Outreach Orphanage (Mango Town Liberia), Founder/Visionary/Christian Counselor of A Touch By The Master Christian Counseling Center, Cofounder of 2 B Inspired Publications, Founder of Be Inspired Clothing & Cosmetic line, a television producer and host of Divinely Inspired,  Life Recovery Coach and Trainer, Apostolic Overseer and mentor of many men and women of God globally , and radio host of Divinely Inspired Blogtalk radio.

Divinely Inspired Ministry International is a five-fold ministry that aims and focuses upon building up, equipping, and edifying the body of believers for the work of the ministry placing emphasis upon Discipleship. It is also a ministry for healing, deliverance, and empowerment through the power of the Holy Spirit. This ministry was established and incorporated in February 2008. The Word of God is viewed as infallible within its original languages, inspired by God, and is the final authority within the lives of the believer. Divinely Inspired Ministry consists of the following ministries: men, women, young adult, youth, writing, media, academia, leadership training, and marriage.

Dr. Theresa Buckner Ministries is an outreach extension of Divinely Inspired Ministry International. Apostle Buckner travels conducting conferences, retreats, and revivals through this outreach ministry specializing in women issues, healing and deliverance ministry, and leadership training reaching both men and women on a national and international level. Through this ministry, television and radio programs have been birth. There has also been publications in Sarah Magazine, and self-publishing. Under the auspices of this ministry, Apostle Buckner mentors those that God sends to her that operate within the five-fold ministry around the world. She has many sons and daughters of the faith. As Apostle of Destiny Praise Outreach Ministries and Destiny Praise Outreach Orphanage, Dr. Buckner trains and equips the leadership in Mango Town, Liberia through webinars, Skype, Facebook, and in person training. She also has ministry outreach in India, Pakistan, and Philippines.  As a Christian Counselor of A Touch by the Master, Dr. Buckner takes the solution focused approach based upon Romans 8:28 with all of her counselees.

Please feel free to contact Apostle Dr. Theresa Ann Buckner by the following:,, or


Apostle Dr. Theresa Buckner PhD, ThD, a woman after God's own heart, is an intercessor, teacher/preacher of the Word, international scholar, pastor, and conference speaker, who has committed her life to the work of God by offering personal prayer support and life-transforming guidance to other believers worldwide through founding churches, social networking, radio ministry, television ministry, and conferences. God has endowed upon her the quickening Spirit to speak life into a dying world. God has given her the ability to speak prophetically in this hour to His people, because He has allowed her to hear His heartbeat.

Apostle Dr. Theresa Buckner was called by God at the age of 8. She confessed Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and was baptized. She was raised in Pentecostal and Church of God in Christ denomination. Her educational background includes an Associate’s Degree in General Studies Pima Community College (Tucson, Arizona), Bachelor’s Degree in Public Agency Service Northern Arizona University (Flagstaff, Arizona), Master’s of Theology and Divinity from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary (Lynchburg, Virginia), Medical Assistant Pima Medical Institute (Tucson, Arizona), Professional Driver HDS Trucking Institute (Tucson, Arizona), and doctorate degree in Christian Counseling and Christian Education from Northwestern Theological Seminary. She has also studied under Apostle Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino in Five-Fold Ministry Studies at Apostolic University. She is currently a leader and member of the Impact Network under the leadership and tutelage of Apostle John Eckhardt. Dr. Buckner is also a current member of PM ESA, and the AACC.  She is a veteran from the United States Army, worked in sales, nursing, law enforcement, and an internationally published poet, author, and preacher. 

Throughout her journey and affiliation within the Kingdom of God she has performed: greeting, choir, altar worker, pastoral counselor, evangelism, discipleship ministries, pastor, apostle, author, Pastor within Preach Woman Preach with Bishop Norma J. Washington, and other ministerial tasks. She was ordained into the pastorate December 12, 2008, by Pastor Robert Paulson of Christian Living Ministries. She is the Founder/Visionary/Apostle behind Divinely Inspired Ministry International, which was incorporated in February 2008. In 2010, Dr. Buckner accepted the apostolic call of God upon her life and is currently reaching out to other nations seeking to fulfill the Great Commission. Her current ministry involvements include: active Pastor of Education and Board member with Christian Living Ministries, Apostle of Divinely Inspired Ministry International, Agent of Love Thy Neighbor Ministries, Word Broadcasting Network Television Preacher/Teacher, Access TV producer and host of Divinely Inspired Ministries, Radio host of Divinely Inspired Ministry on Blog talk Radio, and a Covenant Partner with a host of ministries. Apostle Buckner also is the Apostle of Destiny Praise Outreach Ministry and Destiny Praise Outreach Orphanage being overseen by Bishop Eli K. Chebo in Mango Town Liberia. She is the apostle of two other churches within West Africa that are currently being established. She serves as Apostle of Tucson Church of faith and other churches within the US. She has many sons and daughters of the faith both nationally and internationally. She has the gifting of prophecy, teaching, encouraging, giving, leadership, mercy, and message of wisdom and knowledge. God is raising her up in this hour to be a Spiritual Midwife within His Kingdom. On October 11, 2013, Apostle Dr. Theresa Buckner was officially publically affirmed and commissioned into the office of Apostleship by Apostle Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino of Apostolic Fellowship Ministries International.

In the media:

  • Access TV host and producer of Divinely Inspired Ministries
  • Blog Talk Radio Host for Divinely Inspired Ministry
  • Spreading the Gospel through Social Networks Ministering
  • Collaborating Workshops, Services, and Community Outreach with local ministries
  • Produced and Implemented Ministerial Training and Certification Program
  • Television Broadcasting through the Word Broadcasting Network
  • Produced and Implemented training and certification classes for Life Recovery Coaches.
  • Internationally Published Author, Scholar, and Poet
  • Weekly Sunday Services
  • Author of From Victim to Victor: Overcoming a Sudden and Unexpected Loss of Children (Volumes 1-3)
  • Author of A Brief Look into the life of Charles Spurgeon
  • Author of several other literary publications and manuscripts
  • Special Guest Appearances on Love Thy Neighbor Television show with Pastor Bettye Joyce Archer.
  • Preacher/Pastor of Preach Woman Preach with Bishop Norma J. Washington
  • Conference Speaker of Women of Power with Apostle Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino
  • Local Radio show Divinely Inspired Ministry
  • Published Columnist within Sarah Magazine
  • Cover Feature Story and Featured Article in Women of Power Magazine November 2013
  • Bible Scholar and Teacher of International Church for Women in Advanced Bible Study
  • October 2013 Tucson Soul Beauty Arizona
  • Cofounder of 2 B Inspired Publications
  • Founder of DIMI NST (National School of Theology
  • Founder of Be Inspired Clothing and Cosmetic Line
  • Preach the Word World Wide Network Shining Star Nominee 2015 & Award Recipient.
  • 2015 Apostolic Excellence Award recipient from PACM, Canada

Academic Profile

  • Produced and Implemented Ministerial Training and Certification Program within Divinely Inspired Ministry International
  • Wrote discipleship manuals and provide Discipleship Training
    • Assist with pilot launch of college curriculum
    • Review and grade Bible College students’ assessment submissions
    • Mentor current Bible College students
    • Founded a Kingdom based non-profit Christian Counseling Practice.
    • Founded a Christian Education training program within Divinely Inspired Ministry International
    • Doctorate of Christian Counseling PhD Northwestern Theological Seminary 2012
    • Doctorate of Christian Education ThD Northwestern Theological Seminary 2012
    • Masters of Divinity Liberty University 2012
    • Masters of Theology Liberty University 2012
    • Masters of Education Northern Arizona University 2010
    • Bachelors of Arts Public Agency Service Northern Arizona University 2007
    • Associates of Arts Pima Community College 2004
    • Professional Driver HDS Trucking Institute 2002
    • Medical Assistant Pima Medical Institute 2001

About the Ministry

Divinely Inspired Ministry International in a non-denominational ministry that operates within the five-fold offices of the apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher. We are a non-traditional church that emphasizes the importance of discipleship ministry within the lives of every believer. Through the practicing of the spiritual disciplines of Bible reading, prayer, worship, meditation, solitude, fasting, communion, baptism by immersion, and baptism in the Holy Spirit we believe that every believer can grow into maturity within Christ. We teach biblical based Kingdom principles that will inspire everyone to press towards the mark of the higher calling.

We are driven by the need to continue building the Kingdom of God through spreading the Gospel and love of Jesus Christ.

Galatians 6:10- As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.

Matthew 28:19-20- Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

Divinely Inspired Ministry International’s mission statement is the following: We exist as a church within the body of Christ for the people of God to experience intimacy with God through the ministry of worship, preaching, teaching, and fellowship with other believers. Believers will be encouraged, edified, and equipped to continue on within their Christian journeys to become mature Disciples of Christ that will go out and make disciples of through effective evangelism of sharing the Gospel.

We have been serving various communities for several years. We promote an atmosphere where you can Come, Grow, and Go. We do not require that you belong to any particular affiliation or possess any previous memberships to join our organization. We do ask that you support our organization through regular participation in activities. DIMIINC is currently offering ministerial training classes.

Divinely Inspired Ministry International Incorporated was conceived through a vision that God had given me in January 2008. Within this vision, God had shown me one arrow going in and many arrows going out. The arrows were red and symbolic of the blood of Christ. God also revealed during this vision three key words that are integral to this particular ministry. The three words that were given to me from God are Come, Grow, and Go. When I discerned these three words, I didn’t have the proper understanding of what God was saying to me. However, after further contemplation and meditation I am began to understand the mission and vision for this particular ministry. It has taken years and time of study to begin to understand what God desires for this particular ministry to do within the Tucson, Arizona local area, the Western Regions, and throughout the world. Since the conception of this ministry, there have been many ups and downs. There have been many disappointments and successes. We have experienced tragedy and triumph. However, God has promised that His house that is built upon Christ shall stand.

The words that God revealed during the vision given were to Come, Grow, and Go. Over time, it became clearer what those three particular words meant for this ministry. The one red arrow coming in represents Christ and His blood that was shed for the cleansing of our sins, transgressions, and iniquities. Those that God send to this ministry will “Come” in through Christ and the knowledge of Him. The term “Grow” represents growing in the knowledge of Christ while they are planted in this particular ministry. The last term God revealed “Go” represents going out and duplicating and replicating Disciples of Christ through what God has instilled within His people while they are connected to this ministry. What I have just described shows how there is one red arrow coming in and many red arrows going out in different directions. Discipleship ministry is the passion and core of Divinely Inspired Ministry International.  God also revealed that everything done should be in excellence.

The advantages of this ministry are that it has the ability to bring something new and fresh to the local community and globally. There has not been over the last decades a lot of emphasis placed upon discipleship. The church seems to have lost its identity by overly focusing upon one of the aspects of the church than the others. Discipleship encompasses every aspect of the church’s purpose and function. Since meeting with some of the key city leaders and speaking of discipleship ministries and what God has placed within my heart regarding how and why discipleship ministry will foster in an environment of accountability, fellowship, and growth towards spiritual maturity many have started to implement discipleship ministries within their churches.

Divinely Inspired Ministry International also has the advantage of reaching across the nation and into other nations through television broadcasting and holding conferences and crusades throughout different regions of the world. These avenues have created a greater harvest for the Kingdom of God. Our message is no longer stuck in Tucson, Arizona in a four walled building or just within the continental United States. God has enabled us to reach millions of people through the media and conferences/crusades. The most important advantage of being able to reach people is that of the transformation that takes place by the Holy Spirit through the messages being delivered. It is amazing to see God transform the lives of so many people.

                Another advantage, which others may think is not an advantage, is that Divinely Inspired Ministry International will not be a mega-church. However, it is a training center for those called and chosen by God to make an impact upon the world. Many ministries and churches will be started from this ministry. It is following the steps of the early church recorded in the book of Acts.

Divinely Inspired Ministry International has a strategic plan in lessening the opposition by choosing to work with as allowed the other church establishments in an effort to change the local community. We also have the privilege of being broadcast on national and international television, and overseeing a host of churches in West Africa. Our main passion is discipleship ministries that will cause true transformation in those who are sincere in their faith and belief. We are a non-denominational branch within the Kingdom of God.

Within the local branch here in Tucson, Arizona the plan is to keep up with current events as a way of being able to connect with the people and the world around us. However, we do not plan to change the core message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is just as relevant today as it was when it was written. As changes continue to occur at lightning speed, we as leaders must be prepared in season and out of season to be able to address the needs and concerns of the people. As the senior pastor, I encourage leaders, lay leaders, and congregants to never stop their learning, studying, meditating, spending time with God, continue to seek God’s will and vision for their lives and the lives of those around them. I believe that if we continue to stay connected and in-tune with the move of God that we will be able to face the changes ahead. I believe that God will give us strategic ways to deal with changes beforehand.

                At Divinely Inspired Ministry International, we currently have a planning committee of three pastors including myself. We come together and pray seeking God for direction and guidance regarding how the church is to continue on and which direction that He desires for us to continue moving forward in. We are in the process of developing Discipleship Evaluation Forms for each member of the church, including our leaders. The forms will access the levels of spiritual growth, weaknesses, strengths, and gifts. Every three months, the members will have to meet with a senior leader to go over their plans and to assess whether they have grown, digressed, or remained the same. Each area of key spiritual disciplines of prayer, bible intake, worship, evangelism, journaling, etc. will be discussed and counsel will be given as to how to increase or improve in a certain area of weakness and how to keep areas of strengths strong and moving forward. Our focus is upon each individual member, rather than the number of members. Our goal and aim is for true transformation. We believe that it is our goals as leaders to be both transformational and transactional. We are to be able to assist others in transforming their lives as well as give them the necessary biblical information that goes along with Christianity.  We plan to continue these efforts within the local, national, and international levels using various social network sites, blogs, television, radio, and of course service times at the local branch here. We will also continue with conferences, crusades, and annual trainings for pastors and leaders around the world. Through doing these things, we are fulfilling the Great Commission in the unique way that God has given us as a ministry to do.

Divinely Inspired Ministry International Incorporated was given to me in 2008, through a vision from God. It is not a church of many numbers, but a church of transformed men and women of God that are going out impacting the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God has enabled us to reach more people through the technological advances that are so readily available to us within this information age. Although we face the issues that every church face of dealing with polytheism and postmodernism, God has people that He is moving and turning their hearts to Him through the discipleship ministry process. When people know that you care, they are more apt to listen, believe, and follow through with what you are presenting to them. One thing that all of humanity has are problems. When we present Jesus as the answer to the problems that many are having in a way that they can relate without compromising the message, they will easily embrace Him as their personal Lord and Savior. We will continue to seek God and follow His lead in regards to Coming into the knowledge of Christ, Growing, and Going.

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